Jack Hespe Mangelsdorf
Web Developer
Jack Mangelsdorf
Hey there! I'm a full stack developer with a passion for coding, building bikes, cooking, and sports.

Hailing from the seaside city of Sydney, I've made my way to Berlin where I am building full-stack web apps to solve every-day problems.

Beyond the code, you'll find me on weekends playing footy with the Berlin Crocs, out on the bike, or outdoors somewhere having a paddle.
Record label website
A homepage for a small independent record label built with React. Technologies used include Typescript, zod (for validating the contact form), react-hook-form, resend, and tailwind.
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Bar Landing Page
A landing page for a local business who desired a simple web presence to introduce customers to their business. It uses google places API to fetch opening hours, to simplify maintenance.
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Exercise finder
This simple app helps you quickly and easily find new exercises for your strength workouts. The app queries the WGER exercise database REST API.
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